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Gujjustore is committed to protecting your privacy. This privacy policy explains how we collect customer information, how we use it and what your access rights to the data are. If you have any questions concerning your personal information, please contact us at info@Gujjustore.com or at our offices on 9664516231

The Privacy policy listed on the Gujjustore website and Mobile Apps, hereafter referred to as the Gujjustore.com Platform, are derived from the internal Privacy Policy of Gujjustore. Trading as Gujjustore.com. The information listed below sets out the conditions under which Gujjustore.com requests, uses, disseminates and destroys the personal information of both Users and Registered Users of the Gujjustore Platforms. Gujjustore.com is bound by the prescripts of the Protection of Personal Information Act, 4 of 2013, and must ensure adequate protection of any personal information collected. Gujjustore.com respects the privacy of all Users and Registered Users (subscribers) and attaches paramount importance to the correct use, processing, storage and destruction of personal information that Gujjustore.com has in its possession through the personal use of the Gujjustore Platforms.


By accepting the terms and conditions as hosted on the Gujjustore Platforms, you specifically agree that: I. You are an adult and regarded as legally competent to transact on this Platform; II. You abide by all the Rules and Regulations of Gujjustore.com as listed in the Terms and Conditions published on the Platform; III. Agree to Gujjustore contacting you for reasons such as, special promotions, Black Friday Sales, or to verify particulars entered on the Platform and to confirm orders placed; IV. All the information supplied by yourself is factually true and that Gujjustore.com, its affiliates and Partners are absolved from any obligations to you as a result of any intentional or unintentional misrepresentation of the facts as it pertains to you as entered on the Gujjustore Platform by yourself. V. In the event that you are under 18 years of age, Gujjustore will not be able to legally transact with you unless: a. Gujjustore has received written permission from your Parent or Legal Guardian for you to transact on the Gujjustore Platforms; b. Gujjustore has verified that information supplied in the clause above (V.a), is valid and true; Vi. In the event that the conditions as set out in clause V, is not met, the User/Registered User, may not transact on the Gujjustore.com Platforms

Information Collected

Gujjustore will have information relating to all Registered Users and Subscribers: I. Names and Surname II. Email Address III. Social Media Account names or Handles IV. Physical address V. Gender VI. Mobile contact details VII. On-line identifiers VIII. Date of birth IX. Identification Number The above-mentioned information allows Gujjustore.com to I. Identify you; II. Verify your identity and assign a Unique Identifier to you; III. Create a User Account for you; and IV. Enter into a legally binding and valid Cantractual Agreement with you. Furthermore this information as it relates to the User, Registered User or Subscriber, will be used for Customer Relation Management and Customer Relationship Management purposes. This information will allow Gujjustore.com to create a Client Profile and alert the Registered User or Subscriber to enjoy a User Experience that is unique to you by: I. Allowing Gujjustore.com the opportunity to fulfil our contractual obligation to you, by delivering goods that you have ordered or to verify orders in the event that items ordered cannot be found and to process any returns due to you; II. Notifying you of any changes to our Platforms, Terms and Conditions or operating hours that is beyond the control of Gujjustore.com, which may have the effect of a Variation to the original Contractual Agreement; III. Notify you of all promotional activities as well as products and services or products that may interest you; IV. Solicit feedback from you to improve your experience when using the Gujjustore.com Platform; V. Comply with all legal and regulatory obligations governing the operating of an on-line business; VI. Undertake for statistical purpose, research relating to product development, client preferences and trends, without the information being specifically linked to you as a Registered User or Subscriber.

User Tracking and Cookies

When you access the Gujjustore.com Platforms you consent to us collecting and retaining your records of your Personal Information for no longer than may be necessary as prescribed by the POPI Act. A result of accessing our Platforms we may use information technology modelling tools to process personal information for statistical and marketing purposes gleamed from the devices that you use to access our Platforms. This information is collected and stored on our databases as Cookies.

Opt out from Direct Marketing and protecting your rights

As per the prescripts of the POPI Act, you have to right to request: I. To opt out of receiving and unsolicited Direct Marketing information from Gujjustore.com; II. The return of your personal information; III. That Gujjustore.com specifically not share any information as it relates to your Personal Information with any other legal entity as prescribed by legislation; and IV. Information relating to the protection of your Personal information

Processing your Personal Information

Your personal information is processed by our employees in fulfilling your orders and facilitating any returns that you may request. This information by be Further Processed by our Service Providers (Third Parties) for the purposes of tracking payments, effecting Returns and creating a superior User Experience for you. As you have specifically authorized the use of your Personal Information for the purposes as stated on this document, our Agreement with our Service Providers specifically prohibit them from using any of your Personal Information for purposes other than that agreed upon between Gujjustore.com and yourself. Law enforcement Agencies, government officials and the Public Protector may legally request or subpoena your Personal Information as prescribed in the POPI Act, or any other activity that may expose Gujjustore to any business or reputational risks.

Sending you Personal Information outside of India

As Gujjustore.com has requested your Personal Information for the purposes of rendering a service to you, we are not allowed, as per the prescripts of the POPI Act, to share, sell or publish your Personal Information without your expressed consent. In the event that we transfer any Personal Information outside the geographic borders of South Africa to service providers for the purposes of processing your Personal Information, we will ensure that it is effected and managed by the prescripts of the POPI Act.

Securing your Personal Information

Gujjustore.COM has retained an Outsourced Partner, AWS, to manage its Information Systems and Infrastructure. Firewalls that protect our web applications from a variety of application layer attacks such as cross-site scripting (XSS) SQL injections, Cookie Poisoning and others. Servers are hosted by an external Service Provider, AWS, and uses amount other products WAF to secure all Gujjustore. Com information

Lodging a Complaint with the Information Registrar of India

In the event that you wish to lodge a complaint about Gujjustore.com with the Information Registrar of India, you may do so by coping the link below onto your Browser and following the defined processes. 

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