We presently distribute across Surat city. We have our own logistics team that will pick your products from the vendor and hand deliver it to you at the doorstep.

To make sure that you are pleased with the product you receive, please examine the package as soon as it arrives at your end. Gujjustore is not duly responsible for loss of product due to incorrect delivery address or incomplete details. If some product of your order is not delivered to you, then the possibility could be that the vendor is running out of stock. We try our very best to ensure that there are no delays in shipments, but sometimes it’s beyond our control and we appreciate your perseverance

In the rarest case, if your order is delayed, we would intimate you on the status of order or you can feel free to call and speak to our customer care representative to know the exact status of your order.

Delivery Information

Home delivery in Surat city has never been so easy and quick with Gujjustore.com. We deliver to your home within the shortest time possible. We are mostly open every day of the week except Sunday and holidays. Delivering all your basic household items such as bread, milk, coffee or tea, to appetizing party snack packs so you can entertain your guests without having to visit any supermarket or nearby bakery.

We specialize in delivering the best quality products to you. With just one click you can add all your items in the cart and with another click, you can place an order with Gujjustore. Also keep a close check at our offer zone tab for any discounts.

All you ever need to do is; Simply sign up with your delivery address and payment
details online, click on your purchases under the order online tab and we’ll do the rest.

So where does Gujjustore deliver? Gujjustore delivers across Surat city as of now. We thought of serving our home city family first and then grow ourselves with you and other cities and families residing there. For more information on delivering to your area please contact us on our customer care number or fill in our enquiry form.


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