Snake Plant Superba In Ottoman Affair Green Maze Metal Planter


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Key Features:

■  Perfect for indoor decor
■   Festive pattern on planter
■   Snake plant
■   also known as Mother-in-law’s Tongue (MILT)
■   Can be used as a festive gift to loved ones
■   Planter is lined with jute to prevent rusting



A dazzling Snake Plant in The Ottoman Affair White Maze metal planter. The Ottoman Affair, a brilliant range of metal planters which enhance stylish homes, chic office desks and boutique hotels and luxury resorts. This one is a contemporary hue of green illuminated with patterns of festive gold. The maze pattern on this decorative flower pot is the epitome of wabi-sabi-beauty in imperfection. It comes with a jute lining on the inside to prevent rapid rusting of the planter. The planter is potted with a soothing MILT, and the combination of this dual-coloured plant is perfect for this festive planter. It serves as an elegant decor element and is perfect gifting item for your loved ones. Our special design team works long and hard to present you with the latest and trendiest decorative flower pots. Be it handcrafted jute pots, textured ceramic pots, patterned metal flower pots or pastel, ombre pots, we bring something new every season. Right from conceptualizing and designing the pots to manufacturing them, our design team is involved through and through to make sure that you get a pot that you would absolutely love to keep in your homes and offices. Complete garden store-whether you’re an amateur or an expert! If you like plants, we have what you want! We actively promote green decor (office plants, best indoor hanging plants, etc.) and green gifting (bamboo plants gift, bonsai plant gift, etc). We have a wide range of interior plants and indoor potted plants including miniature trees, S or I Shape plants, shade plants, bamboo stick plant, air purifying plants and money plants in a variety of artistic and creative indoor planters (designer planters and unique flower pots) like wooden planters, ceramic planters, cement planters, metal planters, etc. If you’re more of a hands-on green enthusiast, you can also find jute grow bags, garden plants seeds, gardening tools and organic gardening kits at our online store. Without a doubt, What’s more, you can send a plant

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Snake Plant Superba In Ottoman Affair Green Maze Metal Planter


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