Welcome to Gujjustore! Gujjustore.com reserves all the right to, without former notice from time to time, can remove/amend/abandon or modify any of the terms & conditions of this Offer on the website. In case of any dispute/non-working of the code, Gujjustore shall not be entitled to anyobligation.

Offers and Cashback:

Cashback shall at neversurpass the actual amount paid by the Customer to the Offering Merchant for the order under which the product was purchased.

Cashback shall be calculated on the net product price, inclusive of discounts if any, however exclusive of applicable taxes if any.

Offer shall be subject to verification by the Offering Merchant in conjunction with Gujjustore.

Offering Merchant, on occurrence of force majeure events, can also withdraw the offer.

Gujjustore does not make any warranties or depictionof the quality, suitability or availability of the products or services included in any offer.

Gujjustore Cash Wallet:

Gujjustore wallet is yet another convenience of payment for the customers. The following terms and conditions apply to the eligibility, receipt and redemption of Gujjustore Cashback.

Gujjustore Cashback shall mean the credit of points calculated based on purchases made through the Marketplace. Such points, called Gujjustore cash, when credited shall be visible on the Marketplace in a user’s ‘Gujjustore wallet’ section.

A user shall be entitled to receive Gujjustore cashon a specific purchase/order as indicated at the time of checkout on the website.

No Gujjustore cash shall be credited for orders which are cancelled.

In the above-mentioned circumstances, if any Gujjustore cash has already been credited to a user, the same may (without liability or recourse to the Company) be recovered by the Company, without further notice to the user.

Gujjustore cash offered shall be credited to a user within 48-72 hours of conclusion of an eligible and successful transaction. Credit available in a user’s ‘Gujjustore Wallet’ account shall be redeemable only on purchases made on the website/mobile application and no other website, online or offline store, or otherwise.

Gujjustore cash is non-redeemable and in no event, and at no time, shall any credit available in user’s Gujjustore cash account be transferable to a user’s bank account, or credit/debit card account or refunded (or be redeemable) in cash. Gujjustore cashmay not be gifted, awarded or in any manner transferred to another user’s account.

Gujjustore cash does not expire unless a user’s account has been blocked and his/her right to access has been terminated for violation of the terms and conditions of use of the website.

The Company will endeavor to ensure that the products listed for sale on the website by partner merchants will be available against Gujjustore cash. However, the Company will not be liable for any loss or damage, whether direct or indirect, arising from such transactions. Accordingly, any use of the Marketplace is at the user’s sole risk and cost.

The Company reserves the right to, without liability or prejudice to any of its other rights, at any time, to withdraw, suspend, amend and/or cancel the Gujjustore cash offer, and the terms applicable at any time.

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